Special Response Team

The New Canaan Police Department recognizes the need for special operations in order to preserve the safety and welfare of the public. Special operations may include the use of the Special Response Team (S.R.T.) for: hostage/barricaded subjects, decoy operations, undercover surveillance/stakeouts, bomb disposal/ threats, VIP protection, coverage of special events, disasters, civil disorders and civil defense emergencies.

Current Team Members:

  • Team Leader, Lieutenant Aaron LaTourette
  • Executive Officer, Sergeant Thomas Callinan
  • Assistant Executive Officer, Officer Christopher Dewey
  • Sergeant Roberto Lopez
  • Officer Shane Gibson
  • Officer Matthew Blank
  • Officer Joseph Schinella
  • Officer Giancarlo Vincenzi
  • Officer Nicholas Rienzi
Former SRT Team Training at T1G in 2015
 Unknown Image