Community Impact Officer

Community Impact OfficerThe Community Impact Officer works directly with the business community and citizens to strengthen the lines of communication and to heighten community partnership. The CIO meets with business owners, identifies concerns, and generates common priorities between the private and public sectors. This officer assists business owners and managers with common problems such as shoplifting and vandalism. The Community Impact Officer program can also advise on robbery prevention and fraud and coordinates with the State of Connecticut Liquor Commission to educate liquor license holders on ways to reduce underage selling and serving of alcohol to minors.

If you recently opened a new business, or simply moved from one location in town to another, The CIO would like to obtain your business contact information. This information is used in the event that the Police Department needs to inform you of a situation or event involving your business. This information is especially important should an after hours situation arise in the business district and the Police Department has a need to contact you or a person you designate on the business data form as an emergency contact.

Community Impact Officer Nicole Vartuli
203 594 3500