Register for Emergency Notifications

STAY NOTIFIEDeverbridge_link2The Town of New Canaan has launched a new Emergency Notification service with Everbridge that allows alerts to you about emergency events and other local events such as road closures. The information you provide is protected and will not be used for any other purpose.
Click on the Everbridge logo for more Information.

1-512New Canaan is offering a new service that allows residents to sign up for notifications whenever selected pages on the website are updated with new information. Available pages include Homepage Alerts, News & Events, Field Closures, Tax payment reminders, and Land Use notifications.
To participate, visit the eNotify page and provide your email address. After signing in, users can click on any of the available pages to receive update notifications via email and/or text. Please note that to receive notifications via text, you will have to provide a valid cell phone number with texting capabilities. After selecting which alerts to receive, you will be sent a confirmation email and/or text message. Simply respond as instructed and you’re set up!