Obtain a Letter of Good Character

A letter of Good Character from the Town of New Canaan can be requested as follows:

Visit the New Canaan Police Department Records Division between the hours of 8:30AM – 4:00PM,  Monday-Friday.

Email the Records Division: ncpdrecords@newcanaanct.gov

The following information must be provided at the time of your request to our department in order to obtain a letter of good conduct from the Chief of Police:
  • Proof of identification (CT Driver’s License) of subject person we are writing the letter for (Name, Date of Birth, current address);
  • Number of years as a resident in the Town of New Canaan (if applicable, list current and also prior addresses within the Town of New Canaan);
  • Government Agency/Company, address and name/title of person we are addressing
Once we are provided the required information, an internal background check is conducted to determine suitability before submitting the character letter to the Chief of Police for approval.  Please note, this is a local-agency check ONLY.  Any State or FBI background check requirements must be conducted through the State of CT.
Please visit their website at CT.gov.

The entire process takes up to 5 days.  We will contact you once the character letter is ready for pick-up.