Apply for the NCPD Civilian Police Academy

We do not have a current Civilian Police Academy.

Please find below information on what the academy is, an eleven session program covering a wide variety of law enforcement topics.

2023 Civilian Police Academy Flyer
2023 Civilian Police Academy Application
As our Department strives for transparency in its operations, the Civilian Police Academy provides a hands-on opportunity to educate the residents of New Canaan on the operations of our Department, while obtaining valuable feedback from citizens to enhance police and community relations. The Civilian Police Academy will increase your knowledge of the work that we do and let us build a lasting relationship with you.

The Civilian Police Academy includes twenty-seven hours of instruction taught in two-hour sessions.
Classes are to be held once a week from 6pm-8pm.

Those that are selected are expected to make every effort to attend at least ten of the eleven sessions.
Applicants must be 18 years of age to apply, and preference will be given to New Canaan residents.

The training includes classroom courses in Traffic Enforcement, Criminal Investigation, Patrol Procedure, Crime Scene, Drug & DUI Enforcement, Domestic Violence, Use of Force, Firearms, K-9 Demonstration, Youth Interaction, Internal Affairs, Department Logistics, Animal Control and more…

For more information please contact: CIOfficer, Nicole Vartuli,  203 594 3500.

Applicants must have no felony or misdemeanor convictions.
A standard background check is a prerequisite for application.

As a full-service police agency, our Department embraces a community-oriented philosophy and relies heavily upon community input and collaborative problem-solving strategies. It is through heightened community involvement in public safety matters that the New Canaan Police Department will most effectively address its many priorities.

Editor, Advertiser:
I’ve just completed the New Canaan Police Department’s Civilian Police Academy. We toured the building, saw the Dispatch Center, the holding cell in the basement, and the Special Response Team weapons. We learned about fingerprints and DNA, about traffic control, accident investigation, youth interaction, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol, DUI field sobriety tests, animal control, arrest warrants, probable cause, body cameras, tasers and weapons, and we participated in a simulated use of force exercise that was an eye opener.

We learned who does what, how he or she does it and why, and we had plenty of time for questions. We rode in a patrol car for several hours. We learned how carefully a police officer candidate is selected and then trained, and the training that each officer goes through each year.

For nine weeks, 14 of us met for two-and-a-half hours Tuesday nights at the Police Department. It was informative and fun. What came through to me is the pride that our police officers have in what they do. I am proud of them.

Peter Hanson