Request Traffic Enforcement

The majority of a patrol officer’s shift is spent on routine motor patrol. Observant of suspicious activity or of motorists in need of assistance, routine patrol also encompasses traffic law enforcement.

The Department encourages a very pro-active traffic law enforcement program. There are a number of reasons why we advocate such an enforcement program, the foremost being to keep the roadways safe for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

An assertive enforcement program is also tied to the prevention of crime. The Department believes it reduces the opportunity for crime by making it known that the chances of being stopped for a traffic violation are high. Mobile criminals would rather take their chances elsewhere where the possibility of being stopped is less likely.

The traffic enforcement program is viewed as a community service. Warnings are often given for equipment violations that operators might not otherwise have been aware of. An assertive patrol philosophy is maintained, thereby hopefully reducing crime, reducing motor vehicle accidents and personal injury and providing positive contact with the public.

The ultimate goal of traffic law enforcement is to achieve voluntary compliance with traffic laws and regulations.

To request enforcement in your neighborhood or anywhere in town, please contact Deputy Chief Andrew Walsh at 203 594 3517,