Recruitment and Training

Staffing & Training
Total personnel strength for the New Canaan Police Department is currently 47 sworn officers. Among the sworn personnel there are 40 male and 6 female officers. There are 5 full-time civilian employees working at the New Canaan Police Department. In addition, the Department employees 2 part-time crossing guards during the school year and 1 part-time records clerk.
The constant threat or anticipation of harmful situations is commonplace in the law enforcement profession. Police officers are subjected to a continuous range of mental and physical stressors. As a result, all candidates considered for a position with the Department must successfully complete all segments of the recruitment and selection process. Throughout the intensive process, candidates must successfully pass a written examination, a physical fitness exam, a series of psychological tests, a polygraph test, an extensive background investigation and oral boards conducted by uniformed officers and the Police Commission.
New Canaan has retained the charm of a small town, but it is not immune from crime, which plagues small and large towns alike. Keeping up with trends in law enforcement is not only prudent; it is a must for any law enforcement agency. To provide the best possible service to the community, training and state mandated re-certification requirements are a priority. All sworn personnel have attended 22 weeks for recruit training and are certified by the Police Officer Standards and Training Counsel (POSTC). After completing the Academy, new recruits are supervised for an additional 10 weeks in a field-training program within the Department. Annually, officers receive numerous hours of training in many different areas. Firearms training is ongoing with annual qualification each September. Each officer is mandated by the State to complete 40 hours of specialized training every three years. However, officers will receive many more hours than mandated.
Based on seniority, Patrol Officers bid yearly for permanent shift assignments of day, evening or night shifts. The workweek rotates according to a 5-2, 5-3 schedule. To ensure a supervisor is always scheduled, lieutenants and sergeants can also bid for a relief shift. Members of the Investigative Section work Monday through Friday and alternate weekend coverage. They also alternate their on-call status during the evening hours.
The diverse educational backgrounds of our sworn officers compliment their job performance as police officers. The majority of our department hold a Bachelor’s Degree. Seven members of the Department have their Master’s Degree. One officer holds a Doctorate of Law. In addition, many officers hold some type of higher education credits.