From the Chief, November 30, 2016:
How to Beat the Burglars

Send Us Tips to help us Solve Crime!

Tips by telephone CALL: (203) 594-3544

The New Canaan Police Department has established a “Tip Line” to allow you to call in and leave a message with information on suspected criminal activity, drug information, and crimes that have occurred. You may call in on a direct line to leave a “voice mail” message. These “TIPS” may be left anonymously!

Your “tip” should include your suspicions, what you believe is taking place and where and when the activity took place or is taking place. Dates and times are very helpful. If person(s) and / or vehicles are involved, please include: names, physical descriptions of persons or vehicles and license plate numbers.

If you have any information please call The TIP LINE at (203) 594-3544 and leave us your “TIP”. This number should not be used for emergency calls, crimes in progress, or other incidents that would require immediate attention by an officer.

Tips through the MYPD App

Be better informed, connected, and send anonymous tips to our Department by downloading the “MYPD” application in the iPhone or Android marketplace. After downloading the application search for “New Canaan” and get connected. Go to “Submit a Tip” to send NCPD a tip.